At Home

At Home is an invitation for audiences to join us in activities, discussions and readings while we are in unprecedented times with no access to our buildings, exhibitions and rethinking what our public programme might be.

At Home is an experiment, a resource and an opportunity to stay in touch.

Family Activities

Activities you can try out At Home with your children inspired by our popular Saturday Art Club.


Watch documentation At Home of our Artist talk series, Curator Talks, Career Talks and regular staff picks.

Collection Musings

At Home – Collection Musings takes a work or works from the collection and uses that as a catalyst for thoughts and ideas.

Adult activities

Activities you can try out At Home including our regular Mindful Art Sessions and other workshops for adults.


Enjoy reading At Home with suggested books and texts from our exhibition resource spaces.

Digital Programme

At Home – Digital Programme provides a digital output for our remote work with artists and community groups.