Out of the Blue

Out of the Blue
Date: 4 July – 21 September 1997
Space: Temporary Exhibition (now Gallery 3)

This exhibition is the result of long-term discussions and a collaboration with the artists Sher Rajah, Faisal Abdu’allah and Zineb Sedira and reflects the artists’ personal interpretations and experiences of different Muslim cultures.

This exhibition features works of various media (water installation, tile installation and portraits on glass structures) focussing on the figure, using representations of family and friends within their work. Beside the personal associations, the work of the three artists raises broader and more complex issues, such as the relationship between Islam and contemporary Black culture, the role of women in Muslim societies, and the tensions between traditional and contemporary interpretations of faith.

Artists: Sher Rajah, Faisal Abdu’allah and Zineb Sedira

• The List **** review
• ‘Out of the blue’, The Herald, 17 July 1997

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