Date: 24 November – 30 November 2005
Space: Gallery 3

As a part of Glasgow’s Radiance of Light Festival, the installation of text and light by Mischa Kuball called into question the reality of the physical space, transforming it into mental space. The work displayed at GoMA is a copy, originally shown in the Museum, Centre For International Light Art Unna, in Germany.

The work on display was part of a cycle of works, started with the exhibition in Wuppertal in 1996 and went on a tour in North America titled Project Rooms Speed – Space – Speech. During the tour, Kuball made individual installations in the rooms of the exhibiting institutions. The room is unlit, the only light comes from three slide projectors, throwing an image in the form of a word onto the spherical reflectors. They revolve slowly reflecting the words Space, Speech, Speed. The light projection contributes to redefine and reshape the space of the room which stops being delimited by walls and physical elements and become intangible. Kuball shows how light can illuminate and make things recognisable, but also it can modify the perception of space and dissolve the distinction between physical matter and mental perception.

Artist: Mischa Kuball


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