The End: Bulkhead

The End – Bulkhead
Date: 12 November 1998 – 12 January 1999
Space: Ellipse Area

The End: Bulkhead is an exhibition which presents the outcome of a project initiated by artist Nicola Atkinson-Griffith in collaboration with the First Group (Strathclyde Bus Company) and a team of professional artists, Karen Vaughan and Karen Reynolds.

Bulkhead features the work of cartoonists, photographers, screenwriters, visual artists, scientific professionals, designers, inventors, architects, school children and writers. These works were displayed on First Glasgow buses across Glasgow with the aim of fostering the bus passengers’ interaction with public art. Community benefit and local participation was at the core of this initiative. The exhibition at Ellipse Area consists of posters which were part of the Bulkhead project and were already experienced by the public as art, yet in a different context.

IMAGE: The winning piece of the bulkhead Prize 1999 , “Sewing Machine” by Lisa Gallacher, sited on the exterior wall of the semi-derelict British Linen Corporation Bank, image courtesy of NADFLY and the artist.

Artists: Nicola Atkinson-Griffith, Karen Vaughan and Karen Reynolds

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