Dates: 2 – 31 July 2016
Space: Balconies 1 and 2

This exhibition documented the work developed by women in an Art in Hospital residency and some of the work that has been created as part of it.

This exhibition was produced during a year-long Art in Hospital residency working with women supported by the Pregnancy and Early Years Service, Addaction, Glasgow. An exploration of wide ranging processes and media have resulted in a diverse body of work including cyanotypes, photographs, drawings, paintings, collages, prints and collaborative large scale textiles. Over the duration of the residency, the women found their own ways of working within the parameters of each medium and developed individual approaches to making artwork. The project provided a platform for conversation, exchange and self-expression. Accompanying the exhibition was a new publication featuring a commissioned response to the work by Rachel Lyon.

Art in Hospital is a centre for best practice in visual arts and medicine, placing the artists and their practice, the participant and their context at the core of its contemporary visual arts programme. A person centred, integrated approach which brings the visual arts into the context of health and medicine.

Traces was supported by Addaction, funded by Public Engagement, Creative Scotland. GoMA would like to thank all those involved from Art in Hospital and Addaction for their fantastic work on the project and exhibition.

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