queer timɘs school prints /// Gallery 3 /// 1 December – 10 March

queer timɘs school prints is an exhibition exploring aspects of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Polysexual, Queer, Intersex + Allies (LGBTPQI+A) histories and experiences in Scotland from the past 50 years. Opening on World Aids Day, this exhibition is part of an art and citizenship project commissioned and acquired by Glasgow Museums from Jason E. Bowman, an artist with a curatorial practice.

Following the preview there will be a panel conversation led by Professor Andrea Phillips (Baltic Professor at Northumbria University) with Jason E Bowman and some of the queer timɘs school’s participants. This will take place in Gallery 4 from 2 – 3.30pm.

queer timɘs school prints   includes education prints commissioned from 10 artists, a film programme, a changing display of archive material and a public programme. It is part of the art and citizenship project, queer timɘs school that began in Summer 2018.

The queer timɘs school involved a series of assemblies held 23 – 27 July & 4 August 2018 across museums, libraries and archives venues in Glasgow with 27 speakers. Speakers  presented on key issues, circumstances and conditions affecting LGBTPQI + lives and histories from 1967 until the present. These included: activists, lobbyists and campaigners; art and social historians; art producers, artists, curators and archivists; conservators and museum collection specialists; writers and poets; sociologists, scientists and health workers; marriage celebrants; schools and higher education educators and politicians.

We are incredibly grateful to Adam Benmaklhouf, David Dick, Sharon Ferris, Robert Fox, Lydia Honeybone, Stephen King, Jade Mulholland, Karen O’Kane, Dan Perry and Roxanne Sarraillé who self elected to attend queer timɘs school following a call out through social media and LGBT organisations. Following queer timɘs school they identified the following themes from the assemblies which influenced the commission brief given to 10 artists for the education prints included in this show.

Legislation, the State, Religion and LGBTPQI+ bodies.
School Education, Exclusion and Inclusion.
Health, Care and Wellbeing.
Coming Out.
Relationships and Socialities.
Spaces and Places.
Activism, Organising and Campaigning.
Grass roots, Voluntary and Communitarian Support Systems.
Overlooked, Disregarded, Evicted and Erased Histories.
Fabulousness, Amusement, Humour, Exuberance and Fun.

queer timɘs school participants proposed that, for the first series of prints, the artists should be: of ‘non-conforming’ genders and sexualities, and have a pronounced relationship to Scotland. Curators, academics and cultural workers across Scotland were then requested to recommend artists for the first queer timɘs school prints commissions and the following artists were selected from these recommendations


This first set of prints made by those 10 artists are proposed to be made available to Glasgow’s secondary schools and provisional lesson plans, developed by queer timɘs school participant David Dick, a qualified teacher, accompany the prints. You can download these here QueerTS_booklet_final_for_print. The exhibition also incorporates changing displays of archive and personal collections on themes identified by queer timɘs school , curated by Museums Galleries Scotland Intern and queer timɘs school participants Jade Mulholland, alongside the following screenings organised by other queer timɘs school participants.

Programmed by Lydia Honeybone of Queer Classics Film Festival.
How to Survive a Plague (2012), Directed David France
1 December – 10 January

We Have Rather Been Invaded (2017/18), Ed Webb-Ingall
11 January – 7 February

Programmed by Dan Perry
FIT (2010), Directed by Rikki Beadle Blair
8 February – 10 March

The Logo: Forty years ago activist and artist Gilbert Baker (1951–2017) invented the Rainbow Flag. It originally contained turquoise and pink stripes which were later removed to allow for easier mass-manufacturing. Pink stood for sexuality and turquoise for art, both are reintroduced here. In logics an inverted ɘ can mean ‘there exists’, ‘there is one’ or ‘for some’. The free font used for the queer timɘs school and queer timɘs school prints logos, named Gilbert, was issued following Baker’s death.

Glasgow Museums has acquired the concept of queer timɘs school prints for its collection, which also allows for the series to be developed in the future. However, Glasgow Museums, or its representatives, cannot be sole decision-makers. LGBTPQI+ communities and organisations, and allies of peoples of ‘non-conforming’ genders and
sexualities, must continue to actively participate in decisions regarding any commissioning and editioning processes of future queer timɘs school prints.

Glasgow Museums would like to thank everyone involved in queer timɘs school and queer timɘs school prints, The designer Neil McGuire and signwriters Erin Bradley Scott, Edda Karólína, and Chelsea Frew for working with Jason E Bowman on the diagramme of the queer timɘs school. Glasgow Museums are very grateful for the funding from the Heritage Lottery Fund Sharing Heritage Fund, Glasgow City Council, Valand Academy at the University of Gothenburg; the Swedish Research Council and Metropolitan Bar and Restaurant for supporting the preview.



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