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WHAT DOES THE SPACE KNOW |Farah Saleh & Mirjam Sögner | Sunday 2 October 3pm

by Farah Saleh & Mirjam Sögner
Gallery 1, Gallery of Modern Art (GoMA) | Royal Exchange Square | Glasgow | G1 3AH
Sunday 3 October 2022 | 3pm

Still from the film ‘The Center for Short Lived Phenomena’ projected onto a wall, where two men in high vis shirts and white helmets are examining fallen rocks.

Drink in the Beauty in Gallery 3 extended until 22 May 2022!

Drink in the Beauty was the first show to celebrate GoMA’s 25th anniversary year and has been extended now until 22 May 2022. The exhibition explores representations of landscape, geology… Read more Drink in the Beauty in Gallery 3 extended until 22 May 2022!

Online Engagement – Embracing Digital

The GoMA Learning Team blog about moving programmes to the digital and wha tthey have learned delivering programmes for babies, children and adults.

Protagonist Antagonist/ BLOCK BLOCK BLOCK

BLOCK BLOCK BLOCK was commissioned by the charity Glasgow Life to mark the museum’s 25th anniversary and supported by Art Fund’s Respond and Reimagine Fund. The following is a response to the live performance that took place on Friday 22 October 2021 in Gallery 1

Reminisces of GoMA by the GoMA Youth Group

As part of the GoMA at 25 celebrations, the GoMA Youth Group (GYG) recently hosted GoMA through the Ages, an online workshop where they creatively explored the history of our… Read more Reminisces of GoMA by the GoMA Youth Group

GoMA at 25

Like all museums and galleries across the world our plans for 2021 are ever changing and responding to the extraordinary times that we are currently living in. But one thing that hasn’t changed is that GoMA will be 25 this year and that marks a moment in the history of the organisation that we felt we couldn’t miss, even though we may not be able to programme exhibitions and events or gather to celebrate in the way that we would have loved to for this year.

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