The Big Craft Giveaway at GOMA Saturday 21 September 1.00pm-4.00pm


The Big Craft Giveaway is funded by Creative Scotland and the aim of the project is to introduce a wide variety of people to craft.

The ceramicist Morgane Deffense worked with a variety of different groups of people to produce this installation. The theme is inspired by food and kitchen utensils that we use in our everyday lives.

Each object, whether a spoon, lemon or sugar cube was cast in plaster to make a mould. Then by the process of slipcasting, liquid porcelain slip was poured into the mould to produce the ceramic piece. Everyone who took part really enjoyed learning a new craft technique and all worked very hard to produce over three hundred porcelain objects.

Porcelain requires an initial firing at 1000oC, then each object is sanded, glazed and fired again to 1200oC. The firing was conducted in the artist’s studio in the Glasgow Ceramics Studio, Dennistoun.

Come along on Saturday to GoMA to be given an object to take away from this installation. Visit for information.

Morgane Deffense:

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