Brave GENERATION Celebrate!

So with roughly a month left on my internship I’ve handed in my portfolio and paperwork of all my work from the last year to be evaluated. The last year has been so fast and exciting it was nice to take some time out and reflect on all the projects I’ve been involved in.

The main project that I’ve hinted at in the last few posts has been the Glasgow Life Co-Production as part of the GENERATION Public Engagement programme. Over the last ten weeks I’ve been working with my colleague Jenny and a group of 12 young people from across Glasgow. The project takes place over an initial 12 week period where the group learn a new creative skill each week; drawing, sculpture, animation, photography, blogging, filming, music production, and print making to name a few!

The group, who have aptly named themselves Brave Generation will use these newly acquired skills to host an exciting event in Tramway in September this year.

However, after ten weeks of hard work it seemed only appropriate to have a bit of a celebration about how well they’ve done. On Tuesday we hosted a one day pop-up exhibition in Tramway with all the work that’s been produced over the last ten weeks. The atmosphere was great as family, friends, teachers and staff from both GoMA and Tramway came to view the mass of work.

It was an important moment for everyone involved with Brave Generation as it gave time to reflect on the project and get geared up for the next stage!

 2(Exhibition Set Up – Behind the scenes glimpse!)


Brave Generation have certainly lived up to their namesake in the last ten weeks, not only are they the creative minds of the future but they have been brave at taking risks, trying new things and meeting new people.

As my internship draws to a close and I start to make tentative future plans I take my inspiration from Brave Generation and hope to do the same.

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