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Revisiting the work of Black Artists in Scotland through New Collecting || OPENING EVENT

AfroScots is a new show in the opulent Gallery 1 at GoMA that revisits the work of Black artists in Scotland through recent collecting. In collaboration with Mother Tongue – an independent curating duo – the exhibition focuses on showing older works from Glasgow Museums’ collection as well as new acquisitions through the New Collecting Award from Art Fund.

Still from the film ‘The Center for Short Lived Phenomena’ projected onto a wall, where two men in high vis shirts and white helmets are examining fallen rocks.

Drink in the Beauty in Gallery 3 extended until 22 May 2022!

Drink in the Beauty was the first show to celebrate GoMA’s 25th anniversary year and has been extended now until 22 May 2022. The exhibition explores representations of landscape, geology… Read more Drink in the Beauty in Gallery 3 extended until 22 May 2022!

that sinking feeling – A GYG exhibition

that sinking feeling is the final output from the 2020/21 GoMA Youth Group (GYG), a collective of young people aged between 16 and 25. This year’s GYG have been working with us since September 2020. Through this collaboration, they hope to help us develop the Gallery as a space where young people feel represented. 

Photoworks – Festival in a Box @ GoMA

GoMA was invited to take part in the first Photoworks Festival – Propositions for Alternative Narratives – which rethinks what a photography festival is and who it can be for.

Rabiya Choudhry dressed in a black hat and yellow coat with repeating black spoder design. She is standing in front of a painting which has the text Rabiya Choudhry Presents TERRORVISION with further text at the bottom hidden by her body. She is looking to her left and raising both her arms in the air with her fists closed. This was taken at her exhibition COCO!NUTS! at Transmission Gallery By Eoin Carey.

CAS / Frieze Rapid Response Fund – Rabiya Choudhry acquisition

Some great news in these unprecedented times! Glasgow Museums and GoMA are excited to announce that we will be collecting works by Rabiya Choudhry after a successful application to The Rapid Response Fund, which has been instigated and managed by the Contemporary Art Society (CAS) in partnership with Frieze London

Recent Acquisitions now on display in Taste / Gallery 2

Doors opened today again in Gallery 2 for the latest rotation of collection works in Taste which includes the fantastic new acquisition of May 1st and Fingernails on a blackboard,… Read more Recent Acquisitions now on display in Taste / Gallery 2

GROWTH: Disruption, Resilience, Resistance 15–23 February 2020

GROWTH Disruption, Resilience, Resistance Gallery 1 15–23 February 2020 This show is the final outcome of a year-long collaboration between GoMA and its newly established GoMA Youth Group (GYG). GYG… Read more GROWTH: Disruption, Resilience, Resistance 15–23 February 2020

Festive Greetings

Well that’s another year flown by with barely a moment to stop! As ever a rollercoaster with a busy public programme plus people moving on to new exciting posts and… Read more Festive Greetings

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