GoMA Youth Group 2020/2021

Hey there! How are you all doing? Good? Not so good? In any case, we hope everyone is keeping safe and as sane as you can be right now.

We are the GoMA Youth Group for 2020-2021 so we thought now would be as good a time as any to say hey! We’re a cool gang of 16-25-year-olds with a variety of different skills and experiences in art, all passionate about making, curating, and talking on the arts (we like it a lot).

We know this year has been a huge change for us all; it’s been almost impossible staying connected and motivated, getting outside and leaving the Netflix binge behind at home (Our personal recommendation is The Crown. It’s great).

Before a wee trip to a museum was easy- a lovely little day out; one to chat with about with the fam; a cheeky post on Instagram; a cute moment to see in-person pieces of the past that create a rich history around us. COVID-19 blindsided us all, but all of us at the Goma Youth Group are keen to keep the discussion around the arts and their future going. To develop the accessibility and inclusion in museums and galleries, create opportunities to young people to enter the arts and culture sector, give a voice to currently under-represented audiences – making it a more inclusive place for everyone – and so much more! But I have a word count and only one blog post to mention how great we are and to entice you into the stuff we’ve got planned! You’ll see all the great things we are going to achieve soon!

We kicked off this year meeting everyone in the team over video chat, definitely a different experience but we’re taking advantage of the digital world. We’ve had few meetings to brainstorm on our aims for this year, gossip about the new Netflix series out and some exciting stuff to open the curtain a bit more on the art museum world.

There’s so much to be excited about for the year with the Goma Youth Group.

We are even currently working with two amazing artists Ashanti Harris and Matthew Arthur Williams, in projects for Black History Month. Check our first collaborative work with Ashanti:

Keep an eye out for us posting about the journey we have with these and other projects and check out our social media pages below!

For your regular dose artsy info and emerging new art projects follow us on the socials. The whole Goma Youth Group team have even introduced ourselves over on the Instagram page, so you can see our lovely faces and get to know us a bit more (from a safe distance).

Thanks for reading our first little blog post!

Chat to you soon!

Goma Youth Group 2020/2021

Hollie Elizabeth, Aqsa Arif and Theo Pieczka, Sam Temple, Kirsty Reid and Jennifer Logan, Haley McDonald, Natalie Lorimer, Lilly Allspaugh, Ben Hall, Emily Millar, Sedona May, Jessica Millar, Connor McGregor Ross and Simone Sing.

P.S. – We are all a lively social bunch so give us a wee message or a comment and we would love to have a chat!

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