A Spot of b)other : LGBTI Deaf and Disabled Cultures

A Spot of b)other : LGBTI Deaf and Disabled Cultures
Date: 26 November 2009 – 21 February 2010
Space: Balcony 1

Exhibition of work by sh[OUT] artist-in-residence Sandra Alland, who worked in collaboration with members of the community to produce artwork about the intersection of LGBTI Deaf and Disabled cultures.

b)other was the title of the artists’ collective formed in July 2009 by GoMA’s artist-in-residence Sandra Alland. The show aimed to broaden perceptions about gender and intersexuality and force individuals to rethink their ideas about ability. This collective bothered to tackle the issues faced by these communities, but acknowledged the arduous task of attempting to overcome prejudice in the face of engrained discrimination. Although their identity might render them ‘other’ they seek to highlight their differences rather than comply with any definition of ‘normal’.

Artists: Sandra Alland, Stuart Crawford, Nathan Gale, Y. Josephine, Jennie Kermode, Rebecca Pla, Alison Smith, Penny Stenhouse and Kristiane Taylor

Amy Birchard, The List

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