After Dark / part of Polygraphs at GoMA for Glasgow International 2018 3 May 2018

Five artists sitting round a table with some wine on it. 2 of the artists have their acks to us and they are in conversation.

After Dark
Date: 3 May 2018
Space: Gallery 4

After Dark was a live broadcast event that hosted six artists in conversation, paying homage to the TV series After Dark, a late-night discussion programme broadcast between 1987 and 1997. After Dark played with the museum institution, the public and the private and how our spaces are informed by the conversations within them.


Ajamu X: Ajamu X is a British artist, curator, archivist and activist. He is best know for his fine art photography, which explores same-sex desire and the Black male body. He also works as an archivist and activist to document the lives and experiences of black LGBTQ people in the UK.

Claire Heuchan: Claire Heuchan is an award-winning blogger, Sister Outrider, published author, a popular essayist and Black feminist theorist. Her works surround sexual politics, race dynamics, and identity.

Nosheen Khwaja: Nosheen Khwaja is the Director of GLITCH Film Festival and artist/designer. Her new works focus on the intertwinings and reverberations of sex and colonialism.

Raju Rage: Based in London and working beyond, Raju Rage primarily use their non-conforming body as a vehicle of embodied knowledge; to bridge the gap between dis/connected bodies, theory and practice, text and the body and aesthetics and the political substance.

Kareem Reid: Kareem Reid is founder of Body Party, an intentionally queer space for black people and the people who love them. Reid studied Film and Literature at University of Warwick. His critical essays, club nights and video installations have been featured in institutions Research Centre for Material Culture, (Leiden, Netherlands) and Tate Britain (London) as well as London and New York based publications Dazed, i-D, British Film Institute, The Fader, Temporary Art Review and ARTS.BLACK.

Camara Taylor: Camara Taylor (b.1627) is an artist and programmer. Camara produces image, video and sound, alongside events, exhibitions, texts and a mobile zine library.

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