Artist Talk: Adam Benmakhlouf

Adam Benmakhlouf in conversation with Katie Bruce, 42 minutes (subtitles available).

We are continuing the At Home – Artist Talk series with this recorded conversation with Adam Benmakhlouf, whose print “28 Days of PEP”, 2018, was commissioned and acquired for queer timɘs school prints in 2018. The conversation was recorded between them and Katie Bruce, Producer Curator at GoMA, to talk about how their memories and experiences of this work continue to inform their work today.

This video documents the conversation and the discussion which followed this was not recorded.

The links that were posted in the chat included information on queer timɘs school prints and Adam Benmakhlouf’s talk As Empathetic …. with Cooper Gallery at DJCAD, Dundee in 2020

Adam Benmakhlouf (they/them) is a documentary fantasist working in drawing, sound, writing, teaching and programming. Committedly manifold, in their practice they embody and experimentally represent nuanced strategies of world-building formed out of necessity and hope by BIPOCs and queers.

Katie Bruce (she/her) is a Producer Curator and commissioned queer timɘs school from Jason E. Bowman in 2018.

queer timɘs school (July 2018 – March 2019) was an art and citizenship project for all LGBTPQI adults, and their allies, over the age of 16 – commissioned (and subsequently acquired) by GoMA, from queer, socially-engaged artist Jason E. Bowman. It convened in various formats in Glasgow. Firstly, in a series of rolling, hour-long assemblies, participants were asked to share and/or listen to: examples of challenges experienced; the fights against exclusion and for rights and equality; organising campaigns and protests; grass-roots and community-led care and support systems; experiences of housing, the workplace, education and of law; scene histories and non-scene lifestyles; forms of friendship and ‘alternative’ families; meet-ups, hook-ups, coupling and splitting up; types of resistance including to being co-opted; and how LGBTPQI communities have co-organised. Secondly, in queer timɘs school prints, an exhibition at GoMA, which explored aspects of LGBTPQI+A histories and experiences in Scotland from the past 50 years. The exhibition included education prints commissioned from 10 artists, a film programme, a changing display of archive material and a public programme.

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