Saturday Art Club – Spring trees

As spring is in full bloom and the weather gets nicer, we are feeling inspired by the magical landscape by Aaron Angell in our Gallery 2, Popular Peacetime Saw, to make a landscape picture!

For starters, you’ll need to gather up lots of leaves, twigs, and flowers. Look for some with interesting or unexpected shapes and colours! You can find them on the ground when you go for a walk or, if you have a garden, you can get them by doing a wee bit of weeding and grass cutting. Please do not pick any living flowers for this though!

Now find a large piece of paper and draw around your hand. We will use this outline as the trunk of your tree.

Use all of the things that you have gathered on your nature walk to complete the picture. Use green leaves for the leaves of the tree and brown leaves for the trunk. You can use a bright yellow dandelion for the sun!

Once you have used up all of your leaves and flowers then work back into your picture with felt tip pens to add the finer details such as birds and insects.

This is how our finished work looks like! How about yours?

Don’t forget to take some photographs of your works and share them with us on the comment section or on social media. #SaturdayArtClub #natureart

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