At Home – Reading: Alasdair Gray, Spheres of Influence I

In 2014 Alasdair Gray: Spheres of Influence I was part of the Alasdair Gray Season and included works from Glasgow Museums’ collection from Gray and other artists. Gray’s career involved a broad variety of practice, such as poetry, novel, plays, panting and printmaking, often influenced by masters of the past, such as William Blake and Paul Gauguin. Older works from Glasgow Museums’ collection were included in the exhibition by Albrecht Dürer, Aubrey Beardsley and Kunisada (Toykuni III) were displayed alongside more recent works by Gray’s peers – Carole Gibbons and Alan Fletcher – and by younger artists who in turn have been influenced by his visual and writing practice.

The following is a selection of books by Alasdair Gray, or about his work, and links to artists who were his peers or who he was influenced by. For the short film made after an interview with Gray for this exhibition please look at At Home – Talks

A Life in Pictures, Alasdair Gray, Cannongate
Lanark, Alasdair Gray, Cannonagte
William Blake: Apprentice and Master, and for an insight into Blake’s printing practice by the curator and author Dr. Michael Phillips
Aubrey Beardsley – TATE website
Carole Gibbons – Lucy Stein and Manuela Gernedel share thoughts on Carole Gibbons as inspiration in MAP Magazine
Albrecht Dürer in Glasgow Museums’ collection

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