Artist Talk: Jacqueline Donachie

Artist Jacqueline Donachie in a black t-shirt sitting in front of two sculptures and talking about her solo show at the Gallery of Modern Art.
A subtitled video introduction by the artist Jacqueline Donachie to her 2016 solo show at GOMA – Deep in the Heart of Your Brain

On the last Saturday of the month GoMA hosts an artist talk. While we are not able to invite people into our building we have been looking at our archive of exhibitions and videos of artists talking about their shows with us. In 2016 Jacqueline Donachie had her first major solo show in Scotland in 10 years – Deep in the Heart of Your Brain. For the exhibition Jacqueline Donachie was interiewed and a short video introduction to her work was included in the resource space. We have embedded it here, with subtitles, so you can revisit the show with her.

Supported through The Wellcome Trust Small Grants Award and the National Lottery through the Creative Scotland Open Project Fund, this exhibition had an extensive public programme exploring the themes around health, care and loss that her work refers to including talks with the artist, Professor Tom Shakespeare and Professor Darren Monckton. This programme also included the symposium at Platform, Easterhouse and the subsequent online publication by Moira Jeffrey.

After this exhibition opened Donachie and The Fruitmarket Gallery, Edinburgh went on to win the inaugural Freelands Award – to support a mid-career female artist and an institution to mount a significant solo exhibition of their work.

For Deep in the Heart of Your Brain, Donachie had developed a new three channel installation Hazel (2016), which included interviews with sister sets – where one sibling has inherited the myotonic dystrophy gene and one has not. Many responses from audiences viewing this work wanted to know more so we set about fundraising to produce a publication with the full transcripts, alongside commissioned writing from Nicola White and Moira Jeffrey. With support from the Marigold Foundation and Friends of Glasgow Museums we were able to do this and, if interested, you can purchase this here. Or if you are interested in more reading reccomendations around the show please head over to the At Home – Reading page for more publications related to the artist and her research.

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