Atelier Public: A Space to Play, Make and Explore

Atelier Public: A Space to Play, Make and Explore
Date: 10 November 2011 – 15 January 2012
Space: Gallery 3

Atelier Public was an exhibition that took the form of a working artist studio – one that everyone was invited to come into, to make artworks there that became part of the installation. The exhibition, in GoMA’s Gallery 3, was a space for looking, thinking, exploring and making.

As well as extending an open invitation to the public, the exhibition’s co-curators Katie Bruce and Rachel Mimiec asked particular artists, thinkers and makers who have a special interest in play, creativity and the imagination to engage with the space throughout the duration of the exhibition. These mini-residencies helped to shape and record what happened.

Invited contributors to Atelier Public: Nicolas Party, James Mclardy, Anne Elliot, Iseult Timmermans, Maria McCavana, Rosie Gibson, Theresa Casey, Andrew Dawson, David Harding, Johnny Gailey, Jim Hamlyn, Peter McCaughey, David Sherry, Rachel Mimiec and Maureen Michael

Atelier Public on the Playable Spaces blog
Atelier public on Glasgow Museums Flickr
Atelier Public deinstallation on Glasgow Museums Flickr

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