Date: 20 February – 27 May 2014
Space: Gallery 2

A re-presentation of a 2011 exhibition at GoMA where members of the public were invited to make artworks using materials available in the gallery.

Atelier Public #2 was conceived in 2011 by Katie Bruce (Producer/ Curator at GoMA) and artist Rachel Mimiec and designed as a curatorial experiment and a participatorial project. For 2014 Katie Bruce re-imagined the project with 10 artists and invited people to use the materials available in the gallery, which changed over the 13 weeks the exhibition was opened. The works were displayed in the gallery and could be used by other participants as a source of inspiration or practice. The event included the participation of artists as well as events and talks around the concept of ‘tyranny of materials’, use of the public space, democracy and participation.

Artists: Modern Edinburgh Film School, Emma BalkindBrian Hartley, Anthony SchragTS BeallClaire Docherty -Sonic BothyTom Nolan, Catherine Payton,Alexander Stevenson , Claire Adams Ferguson

With thanks to masters students Stephanie Lu, Arthur Dimsdale and Sofia Rodriguez for their work on the project.

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