Beagles & Ramsay – NHOTB & RAD

Beagles & Ramsay: NHOTB & RAD
Gallery 1
14 October 2023 – 28 April 2024

NHOTB & RAD  from artist duo Beagles & Ramsay, is a major exhibition of newly commissioned work which will transform the iconic space with sculpture – including 50 life size figures – and video. 

Creative directors Beagles & Ramsay will unveil three new NHOTB & RAD fashion lines, as the gallery becomes a flagship store, filled with clothing and accessories, and the 50 life size figures, sculpted from recycled office furniture and reclaimed display materials . Some of these figures will model the collections alongside video animations featuring their digital avatars. Many others have become disaffected and unruly consumers.

NHOTB & RAD (the acronyms refer to the artists’ long-standing alter egos, New Heads on the Block and Rope-a-Dope) continues the artists’ exploration of the politics and tensions within consumerism and the contemporary workplace.

Celebrate this unique fusion of art and fashion at a special evening event on Thursday 19 October, 5.30 to 7.30pm. 

More about the Collections 
A minimalist carpet tile clad boutique will house the Holding Pattern capsule collection of city office wear, which is laser cut in timeless charcoal grey with subtle contrast stitching. Signature pieces include the ‘Dash Dress’ with elongated arrow arms to delineate the body with a starkly fresh geometric profile.

A second pop up boutique will showcase the Zero Collection of hybrid sports-workwear. A range of durable and strikingly colourful technical fabrics are finished with bold fluorescent stitching and angular pockets. Sharply defined silhouettes, fused with utilitarian forms, characterise garments such as the Cipher Hoodie and the Null Sweat.

At the heart of NHOTB & RAD at GoMA will be a select group of couture pieces presented on a fractured catwalk. Textures and materials include luxurious British wool with finely embroidered motifs, contrasted with sharply cut stainless steel necklaces and accessories. The centrepiece will be a two-metre tall intricately wrapped geometric ball gown.

Alongside these three collections, a host of 50 life-size figures sculpted from recycled office furniture and reclaimed display materials will activate the space. Each one of these flat pack bodies is unique in its design, materiality and attitude. Digital avatars of these figures also star in a suite of video animations, which play out interlinked scenes alongside animated doppelgangers of the garments.

Photo by Matt Barnes, courtesy of NHOTB & RAD

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