Balcony 1 & 2
14 October 2014 – 1 March 2015

This project was commissioned as part of BRAVE GENERATION, one of 5 youth co-production projects supported by Creative Scotland taking place as part of GENERATION: 25 Years of Contemporary Art in Scotland.

BRAVE GENERATION were a selected group of young people who worked with GoMA and Tramway throughout the Summer of 2014. Supported by Glasgow Education Services, including Connect2 and 16+ Learning Choices the group, aged 16-24,  worked to develop new creative skills with the support of some of Glasgow’s creative professionals: Penny Sharp and Jim Stirk, Bespoke Atelier, GMAC, Shoogle Studios, Kenny Bean, Halina Rifai, Jon Bishop, Daniel Padden, Xana Marwick and Tamsin Russell

The wallpaper was a collaborative and site specific piece of work which showcased a graphic representation of bravery. Bespoke Atelier were commissioned by and worked with Brave GENERATION. Together they reinterpreted the GOMA balconies in the forefront of the design from various viewpoints creating a disorientating effect with figures balancing and climbing on them.


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