Chad McCail: We Are Not Dead

Chad McCail: We Are Not Dead
Date: 25 May – 13 August 2006
Space: Gallery 3

Exhibition of four new paintings by Scottish artist Chad McCail. His works resemble illustrations of social scenes, in the attempt to show an alternative way of living, against the consumerism and technology-dominated capitalistic lifestyle.

As described by Moira Jeffrey, McCail’s paintings look like they have been lifted from textbooks. Through their pictorial spatial structure, each of them reveals a social scenario in which mechanisation is seen as a threat to humans.
The final painting gives the title to the exhibition and shows young people in a flat surrounded by empty bottles, ashtrays and electronic equipment. Some of them are awake and are going outside wearing outdoor clothes. We are not Dead, as well all McCail’s works strongly suggest that we have the option to choose a better way to live.

Two works from this exhibition were acquired for Glasgow Museums’ collection.

Artists: Chad McCail

Moira Jeffrey, ‘Answers on a postcard packed with life lessons, Chad McCail’s paintings look like they’ve been lifted from a text book’, The Herald, June 2, 2006.
Iain Gale – Scotland on Sunday
GSA Audio Recording with Chad McCail

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