COMMONSpace: Riso Prints by Mammas Write and the Oasis Women’s Group

Riso Prints by Mammas Write and the Oasis Women’s Group
COMMONSpace, Gallery 2
Until 14 January 2024

This exhibition presents a series of prints developed through workshops with Maryhill Integration Network’s Oasis Women’s Group and Mammas Write.  Working with artist Helen de Main, the groups looked at the themes in the exhibition – Repeat Patterns – particularly responding to ideas of childcare in its many forms.

The prints are all risograph prints, or risos for short. A riso machine has similarities to both photocopying and screen printing. Images are separated into different layers for printing. This way of separating layers and the specific colours of inks used in the process give riso prints a distinctive look and feel. The process offers an accessible and vibrant way of producing prints together.

Thanks to all the women who took part in the workshops from Mammas Write and Oasis Women’s Group and thanks also to Lou Rowland at Wild Press.

Supported by the National Lottery through Creative Scotland

Maryhill Integration Network – Oasis Women’s Group

The Oasis Women’s Group is a weekly multicultural women’s group, open to women from all backgrounds, that meets on Thursdays from 12 – 2 pm.

As well as giving the women a chance to make friends and share experiences the group has a programme of activities including arts & crafts, courses and information sessions. The women are also given the opportunities to participate in community events. A crèche is available on a first come first served basis.

Mammas Write

Mammas Write is a creative collective of new mothers determined to continue their creative lives alongside the madness of motherhood.

We met a year ago through the New Mothers Writing Circle and have continued to meet weekly to create together and support each other. Honesty underlies our conversations and has brought essential comradery to the often-lonely experience of maternity leave and motherhood. We use writing and image-making to reflect our experience of early motherhood and rediscover ourselves; our approach is improvised and often spontaneous and has included zine making, collaging and print making.

Our collaboration with GoMA and Helen has seen us expand into riso printing and all the riotous energy and colour that printmaking with toddlers brings.

We continue to meet every Thursday morning. Please contact us at mammaswrite [a]

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