Curator Talk – Hanneline Visnes in “A Picture Show”

Four our monthly curator talk, former GoMA curator Sean McGlashlan presents the work by artist Hanneline Visnes “Construction in Coagulating Colour I”, which was displayed as part of the exhibition “A Picture Show”.

“A Picture Show” was an exhibition at the Gallery of Modern Art between 18 July 2013 – 2 February 2014, displaying work by Glasgow based artists who all consider painting to be central to their practice.

Although there were some common concerns within the group, there was no single unifying aspect to their work, or ‘theme’ to the exhibition. Each artist is unique, ‘making their own rules’ through painting. GoMA has worked closely with the artists, selecting the works, discussing the ideas and generating the texts associated with the show. This was the first group show of Glasgow-based painters at GoMA and, rather than a comprehensive survey, it is a focused selection, bringing out some of the complexity, subtlety and variety of this art form.

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