Devils in the Making

Devils in the Making
Date: 18 September 2015 – 28 February 2016
Space: Gallery 1

Exploring Glasgow Museums’ Contemporary Art collection through connections with The Glasgow School of Art (GSA), this exhibition included artists such as Christine Borland, Jim Lambie, Roderick Buchanan, Victoria Morton & Simon Starling. One of Europe’s foremost art schools, GSA has nurtured and produced many of Scotland’s leading artists and, over the years, Glasgow Museums has had the fortune to add works by some of these artists to its collection, a selection of these works can be seen in this exhibition.

In 1996 Douglas Gordon became the first Scottish artist to win the prestigious Turner Prize. He was one of an already successful group of graduates from The Glasgow School of Art (GSA), who were exhibiting around the world to critical acclaim. That same year GoMA opened to the public with a collection that did not represent the work of these influential artists. Much criticism was leveled at the city by the artistic community as a result. Twenty years on GoMA regularly exhibits, commissions and collects works by artists based in Glasgow, many of whom trained at GSA. This exhibition showcased some of the works that were made in the city during the intervening decades.

Artists: Claire Barclay, Beagles & Ramsay, Karla Black, Christine Borland, Martin Boyce, Roderick Buchanan, Nathan Coley, Nick Evans, Alex Frost, Douglas Gordon, Kenny Hunter, Torsten Lauschmann , James McLardy, Victoria Morton, Craig Mulholland, Toby Paterson , Jim Lambie, David Sherry, David Shrigley and Ross Sinclair.


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