Douglas Morland: The Death of Lady Mondegreen

The Death of Lady Mondegreen
Date: 19 June – 14 August 2015
Space: Gallery 3

The exhibition’s title referenced a 1954 essay in Harper’s Magazine in which the term Mondegreen, was coined – a misinterpretation of a phrase that can give rise to a new meaning. In this case, in the author’s mishearing of a line in a Scots ballad, ‘laid him on the green’ became ‘Lady Mondegreen’.

The exhibition The Death of Lady Mondegreen consisted of sculptural and image-based works by Glasgow-based artist and musician, Douglas Morland. Morland’s exhibition took this idea of mishearing or mistranslation as a starting point to create an assemblage of works that teased by creating echoes and suggestions of form and meaning. Utilising a variety of forms, motifs, textures and processes that ppeared previously in his practice and through a process of composition, veiling and revealing, a fictive space was suggested – the stage-like space where the dramatic tussle of language to form or discern meaning has taken place.
Artists: Douglas Morland


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Sylvia Wright, The Death of Lady Mondegreen’

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