Everyday Racism

Everyday Racism was a series of ten environmental portraits exploring instances of micro-acts of racism. The exhibition was a collaboration between people from minority ethnic backgrounds in Glasgow with experience of racism and photographer Karen Gordon.

While the photographs are staged, with permission and support from all the collaborators, the stories that accompany them are all true.

The aim of this exhibition was to raise awareness of and challenge us all to an open conversation about racism in 2019. The exhibition toured across Glasgow 2019/20 and was at GoMA from 6th December till 26th January 2020.


Adam, Ahlam, Andi, Aneel, Annie, Aswad, Carolina, Chris, Daniel, Dee, Donna, Donna, Eva, Ewan, Ghizala, Guy, Jawad, Karen, Louise, Margaret, Miro, Nida, Olivia, Reiko, Rosie, Simone, Stephen, Sungjun, Sybil, Tiffany, Tim, Tracy, Viv.

Everyday Racism. Photo by Karen Gordon

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