Date: 22nd March – 1st September
Space: Gallery 1

Every Day was an exhibition about sculpture from Glasgow. It brought together works by six Glasgow-based artists who all use sculpture, to varying degrees, in their practice. Works were selected for their use of everyday materials and their reference or resemblance to the familiar, common and recurring places and events that we inhabit during our daily routines.

It was curated by Ben Harman, Curator of Contemporary Art (Glasgow Museums) and, in a new departure for GoMA, during the week starting 10 June, Every Day included a new performance work Manual created by Siobhan Davies Dance, in response to the ideas behind exhibition.

Artists: Niall Macdonald, Laura Aldridge, Mick Peter, Hayley Tompkins, Scott Myles, Carla Scott Fullerton and Siobhan Davies Dance

The exhibition was also supported by the Objective programme linking to sculpture activity, events and research across the city. Objective PDF

Moira Jeffrey ‘Review of Everyday at GOMA – Laura Aldridge, Mick Peter, Niall MacDonald, Hayley Tompkins, Carla Scott Fullerton, Scott Myles. Scotland on Sunday 14/4/2013’
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