Face Cream / Monster Chetwynd for Festival 2018 in partnership with Platform

Face Cream // Monster Chetwynd
Festival 2018 in partnership with Platform
Date: 9 August 2018
Space: George Square, Glasgow

Face Cream is an ambitious, deviant, and magical film that used museum venues across Glasgow, as well as Platform, Easterhouse and worked with some groups that meet there. It was the result of conversations between GoMA, Platform and South London Gallery on play, adventure, neighbourhood, the artist and the institution. Each organisation has been exploring play with artists and audiences for a number of years and developed the work further with Monster Chetwynd. Face Cream takes its point of departure from transformation, potions, flying, good, evil, irreverence, play, deviance, magic, the organic, micro and mass production, climate change, illusion, and theatre.

Artists: Monster Chetwynd

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