Fernando Arias: Solo Show

Fernando Arias: Solo Show
Date: 20 October 2000 – 28 January 2001
Space: Temporary galleries (Gallery 3)

Exhibition of work by Fernando Arias, a leading figure in South America’s contemporary art scene and Colombia’s representing artist at the 1999 Venice Biennale, exploring issues of freedom, identity, community, moral codes, life and death.

This is the first Scottish solo show of Arias, including works made in the last five years and new work accorded with the gallery’s features. Arias’ practice incorporates South American religious and political culture, the human body and computer, photography and video technology. Through exploring both traditional beliefs and modern ideas, with reference to the human body, Arias investigates individual identity in a wider political context. As an example of this approach; To the children of the drug war, looks at both the individual and national tragedy of lost life in the Colombian war and sets it against the broader political picture.

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