Fresh Paint

Fresh Paint
Date: 13 August – 24 October 1999
Space: Temporary Exhibition (now Gallery 3)

Exhibition of contemporary painting recently acquired by the Frank Cohen Collection.

This selection of artists from the Frank Cohen Collection represents a belief by many young British artists in painting and its future. The works in Fresh Paint have an immediate visual impact, for instance Jason Brook’s large black and white paintings. Despite the expansion of photography, video, film and computer imaging across the various artistic techniques and practices, the artists of this exhibition get inspiration from the technological material, yet produce work which is entirely defined by paint.

Artists: Nicky Hoberman, Paul Morrison, Ed Harper, Jason Brooks, Glenn Brown, James Reilly, Claude Heath, David Thorpe, David Rayson, Jun Hasegawa, Geraint Evans, Andrew Bick

Elisabeth Mahoney, ‘Fresh Paint’, The Scotsman, Wednesday 22 September 1999 .
• ‘A knight to remember’ [See the Past Exhibition Gallery Assistants (Orange) folder].
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