GI2014 – Aleksandra Domanović

GI2014 – Aleksandra Domanović
Date: 4 April – 1 June 2014
Space: Gallery 1

This Gl 2014 show marked Aleksandra Domanović’s first institutional solo exhibition in the UK. She uses figures and motifs to explore the marginalised representation of women within popular science fiction and time travel.

The artist focuses on the point of conjunction between the machine and the human user. Particularly, by taking advantage of the high ceilings of Gallery 1, at GoMA, Domanović installed large sculptural prints on transparent foil suspended through the main part of the space. Her work takes inspiration from films, such as Blade Runner (1982) and Alien (1979), emphasising how they contribute to show female characters according to conventional stereotypes, such as mother, love interest and victim.

Aleksandra Domanović’s exhibition was a multi-referential exploration of the role of women in technology, both past, present, and in the fictive future.

Alongside the exhibition, Domanović created a DVD library of films relating to the issues examined in the exhibition.

Commissioned by Glasgow International and supported by Glasgow Museums and The Henry Moore Foundation.

Artists: Aleksandra Domanović

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