Glasgow International 2016: Tessa Lynch: The Painter’s Table

Glasgow International 2016: Tessa Lynch
Dates: 7 April – 19 June 2016
Space: Gallery 3

This exhibition presented new sculptural works by Tessa Lynch, exploring aspects of her daily commute as part of the Director’s Programme for Glasgow International 2016.

Tessa Lynch works predominantly with sculpture and performance. Projects develop from research concerned with the emotional impact of the built environment and the questionable existence of the female flâneur, which refers to a man who saunters around observing society, or ‘flâneuse’.

Lynch describes her new exhibition as an architectural drama: a collection of new sculptural works which loosely mimic the objects, scenarios and histories found on her daily commute. The mundane examination of this regular transition from home life to work life generates a self-portrait, exposing what it is to be a female artist living in this city.

Frequently using performance as an active framework for making, Lynch has shared her commute with writers Jenny Richards and Rhona Warwick Paterson to create a new text and performance work. Similar to how a map allows one to navigate city roads and streets, the text offers viewers a script through which one can navigate this installation.

This show included accompanying performances on Saturday 23 April

The Painter’s Table & The Flâneuse, 2016, written by Jenny Richards, devised in collaboration with Tessa Lynch and Rhona Warwick Patterson

Artist: Tessa Lynch
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