GoMA at Home: Artist Talk – Urgent Nature: Jo Ganter and David Rothenberg

Still from Urgent Nature (2019) Jo Ganter. Courtesy & © the artist

Welcome to another archival talk from GoMA’s programme – this time from the recent conversation held in September with artist Jo Ganter and composer and musician David Rothenberg to about their collaboration on the work Urgent Nature, which at the time was on display in the exhibition Drink in the Beauty.

GoMA is currently closed while COP26 is in the city and it has been interesting to revisit this conversation which in addition to epxloring their collaboration on the work, also talked about Urgent Nature in relation to the climate emergency and Covid19. The show Drink in the Beauty, takes its title from a quote by Rachel Carson who wrote Silent Spring over 50 years ago and whose poetic approach to pesticides, nature and climate engaged people in the enviromental movement. Jo Ganter dedicated Urgent Nature to her close firend Polly Higgins, who was a founding member of Stop Ecocide.

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