Histrionics: New work by Roderick Buchanan

Histrionics: New work by Roderick Buchanan
Date: 5 April – 28 October 2007
Space: Gallery 1

As a part of the Blind Faith programme, Histrionics presented new work by Glasgow artist Roderick Buchanan, one of Scotland’s leading contemporary artists. Buchanan’s work addressed ideas of portraiture, identity and Scottish culture.

In order to reflect on certain aspects of Scottish identity, Buchanan’s works address ideas of portraiture and Scottish culture. Histrionics combined film, photography and drawing. Two films of Loyalist and Republican flute bands performing are projected, alongside a variety of photographs of Celtic and Rangers football players and information on historical figures such as John Knox.

The catalogue for the exhibition can be ordered online at Waterstones

Artists: Roderick Buchanan

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