Kate Davis: Peace at Last!

Kate Davis: Peace at Last!
Date: 13 July – 16 October 2011
Space: Gallery 3

This exhibition, by Glasgow-based artist Kate Davis, has been conceived specifically for GoMA in response to Glasgow Museums’ collection, taking it as the starting point for a new body of artwork.

The artist has selected key museum objects which were influential in the process to exhibit alongside her own work, including etchings by Francisco de Goya, photographs by Jo Spence and Terry Dennett, and social history material related to Christabel Pankhurst and other suffragettes. Peace at Last! Is the first time that such critical but contrasting works have been viewed together. Significantly, here in the context of Davis’s exhibition, they become part of a contemporary conversation which they have inspired and continue to nurture.

Image: Reversibility (It is the body and Excised), 2011
Installation view, Peace at Last!, Gallery of Modern Art, Glasgow

Artist: Kate Davis

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