Katy Dove collection works

Katy Dove collection works
Date: 27th February 2012 – 10th June 2012
Space: Gallery 2

Four animations from Glasgow Museum’s collection, Motorhead (2002), Luna (2004), Stop It (2006) and Sooner (2007) exhibited in the projection space in Gallery 2. This acquisition reflects Dove’s interest in the relationships between sound and moving image, intuition and perception, harmony and disharmony.

Dove’s animations often started from a process of making multiple instinctive, abstract drawings using watercolours or felt-tip pen. The freeness of automatic drawing, similar to improvisation in music, produces concrete forms from intuitive feelings and thoughts without first translating them into words. After being scanned to computer, the drawings become the point of departure for other visual and aural elements, and movement is created through repetition and layering. Dove’s attraction to computers as tools and her exploration of the creative potential of software can be linked to a long-standing interest in the computer-art pioneer John Whitney (1917–95). However, rather than considering these works as digital animation they seem closer to abstract experimental film.

Artists: Katy Dove

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