Max Brand and Joanne Robertson: Poppies

Installation shot from Poppies, a collaboration between Max Brand and Joanne Robertson

Dates: 3 December 2016 – 18 June 2017
Space: Gallery 2

The debut collaboration between Max Brand (b. 1982, Leipzig) and Joanne Robertson (b. 1979, Manchester). Poppies features new painting and sculpture by both artists, as well as a musical work co-produced in the lead-up to the exhibition’s opening.

The show brought together two international painters, who also work as musicians. Central to the exhibition was Brand and Robertson’s desire to ‘expand’ traditional media. They painted directly onto the wall and floor, as well as displaying huge wall hung canvases, floor sculptures and hanging lights, all accompanied by a sound installation. This approach transformed painting from something restricted within a frame to something resistant to containment. Visitors saw bright, energetic works that appeared to have exploded across the gallery space.

Artists: Max Brand and Joanne Robertson
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