Moving Image Season: Clyde Reflections

Clyde Reflections
Date: 28 May 2015 – 5 July 2015
Space: Gallery 1

Clyde Reflections is a 33-minute film and audio-visual installation based around interviews with seven people that explore their perceptions of the marine environment in the Firth of Clyde on the west coast of Scotland. The film opens up space for contemplation by reflecting the unfixed, shifting nature of relationships between people and place.

Produced by Hurrel and Brennan, the film features underwater and microscopic footage, combined with voice recordings of people who have a close relationship with, or specialist understanding of, the Firth of Clyde. These include a retired fisherman, a marine biologist, a diver, a marine conservationist, a spiritual leader and a physical oceanographer.
Artists: Stephen Hurrel and Ruth Brennan.

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