Moving Image Season: Tomorrow Is Always Too Long

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Tomorrow Is Always Too Long
Date: 10 July – August 2015
Space: Gallery 1

Tomorrow Is Always Too Long, an 82-minute film by Phil Collins, is a love letter to Glasgow, Scotland’s largest city. Commissioned by The Common Guild for Festival 2014, it was developed over the course of a year with various local communities and paints an idiosyncratic portrait of a place as seen through the scope of human experience, from birth and childhood through education and the criminal justice system to old age.

At the heart of the film is a six-song cycle by musician Cate Le Bon. Le Bon’s skewed and intimate pop gems are interpreted by non-professional singers, ranging from a 10-year old girl to an 83-year old man. Accompanied by the Royal Scottish National Orchestra and filmed in their everyday environments, including an antenatal class, a high school, HM Prison Barlinnie, and a social club for the elderly, the performances play out as kaleidoscopic vignettes in a larger modern day city symphony.
Artists: Phil Collins

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