Naked Spaces. Location 3: High Riser

Naked Spaces. Location 3: High Riser
Date: 15 February – 19 May 2002
Space: Temporary Exhibition (Gallery 3)

Third exhibition in a series touring the United Kingdom by Patricia MacKinnon-Day, exploring issues raised by problems faces by asylum seekers residing in Sighthill.

Every work of this series responds to a particular building environment. For this installation MacKinnon-Day addresses new cultures, moving communities and re-use of buildings, exploring the idea of personal identity within an environment which seems anonymous and blank but in reality it is characterised by the stories and the presence of the refugees. The work focuses on the asylum seekers who populated hundreds of empty flats in Sightghill, an issue which has dominated media coverage. Particularly, the artist tries to show the asylum seekers not merely as a mass body but as individuals with profession, culture, language and country. Indelible shows 76 black panels marked in white, each with the hand-written name and occupation of an individual. Moving box is a video shot from a cell-like lift in one of the tower blocks, showing the doors opening and closing slowly as a metaphor of the dissolution of the human presence.

Artists: Patricia MacKinnon-Day

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