Nirbhai (Nep) Singh Sidhu: An Immeasurable Melody, Medicine for a Nightmare

Glasgow International Director’s Programme
Nirbhai (Nep) Singh Sidhu
An Immeasurable Melody, Medicine for a Nightmare
Gallery 1
11 June — 05 September 2021

For his first solo exhibition in Europe, Canadian artist Nep Sidhu presented a body of work embedded in Sikh metaphysics and histories to explore relationships between memory, memorial and the divine. At once personal yet also forged within a strong sense of community, the work was inspired by ancestral bonds and present-day resonances, bringing forward a sense of ritual, kinship and seva (selfless service).

Sidhu’s finely honed works incorporate a wide variety of media including tapestry, metal, earth and video. Sidhu merges his artistic practice with his musical interests and inspirations, including musician and composer Alice Coltrane. Running throughout was the idea of deep rhythms and a sense of both the spiritual and the earthly. While the works invite multiple perspectives and readings, at their core is a desire for healing and awakening; call and response.

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Supported by Canada Council for the Arts and the High Commission of Canada in the UK and Henry Moore Foundation

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