Prose and Cons: Sculpture and Drawing by Nicola Hicks

Prose and Cons: Sculpture and Drawing by Nicola Hicks
Date: 4 November 1999 – 30 January 2000
Space: Air Gallery (now Gallery 4)

First Scottish solo show of English sculptor Nicola Hicks, known for her loosely rendered sculptures of animals, humans, and mythical creatures. For this exhibition, her drawings of animals were presented alongside sculptures depicting cats, hogs, foxes and dogs, which were made out of bronze, plaster and straw.

Nicola Hicks uses animal imagery to portray the complex relationships between humans. The sculptures of Mr Fox and Mr Crow show two masculine figures checking each other out. In spite of her being identified as a traditional sculptor, Hicks mixes plaster with straw, an unconventional material, thus rendering the movement of the animals in a nevertheless static form.

Artists: Nicola Hicks

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