Quick GoMA crafts at home!

If you are missing us as much as we’re missing you, then here’s a list of ways to bring GoMA into your home.  Remember to share your creations with us on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram

1. Soup cans

Inspired by Andy Warhol’s Oyster Stew Soup , make your very own soup can artwork! All you need is a toilet paper tube, paper, and some colouring pens. Be imaginative with your flavours!

2. Portraits

Inspired by our many Alasdair Gray portraits in our collection, sketch portraits of members of your family or household. You can then cut them out and hang them around, as we did some time ago in our Studio!

3. Still life

Bored of looking at the same things in your home? Why don’t you put a fresh twist on your household items by creating your own still life artwork. Arrange some fruits, vegetables, flowers or other objects in front of you, then sketch them or take a photo of your arrangement!

David Hockney, “Photography is Dead Long Live Painting”

4. Murals

Have you ever been in our studio? The walls are covered with a beautiful mural by Scottish artist Adrian Wiszniewski. Until we can get back into the studio, why don’t you have a go at home and create your own mural. But don’t draw straight on the walls! Do like we did: make your marks and drawings on a sheet of paper and hang those to your walls.

The Studio at GoMA

5. Photoshoot

We have a lot of photography pieces in our collection. Spend some of this time to host your own photoshoot with people in your home and use household objects for props.

Jo Spence, “Love on a Plate”, 1989, and “Early Mother”, 1985

6. Collages

Inspired by our Eduardo Paolozzi’s colourful artworks, use old newspapers and magazines to create your own collages. They can be as random and colourful as you like!

Eduardo Paolozzi, “Hamlet in a Japanese Manner”

7. Colourful animals

Do you like this moovellous sculpture by French-American artist Niki de Saint Phalle? Have a go at drawing your own colourful animal. Draw the outline first and then colour in with colouring pencils, pens or paints.

Niki de St. Phalle, “Vache Vase”

8. Dream house

Did you know GoMA was originally built to be a townhouse back in the 18th Century? What would your dream house look like? Sketch your ideas!

9. Lockdown views

We’ve always loved the view from our studio. Why don’t you use the time of being stuck inside to draw the views from your window?

10. Domestic Bliss

Did you manage to see our exhibition Domestic Bliss? Use objects from around your home to set up your own exhibition. Choose three or four objects that mean something to you and arrange them together on a surface. You can also write labels to explain what they are and why you chose them!

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