Reverspective: The Art of Patrick Hughes

Reverspective: The Art of Patrick Hughes
Date: 20 November – 7 February 1999
Space: Temporary Exhibition (now Gallery 3)

Exhibition of new work by Patrick Hughes using the technique of ‘reverse perspective’. Among the works exhibited are The History of Architecture (1998) and Synchronised Swimming (1998) which are painted on a three-dimensional wooden structure, which the artist calls his ‘Toblerone’ shape.

For this exhibition, Hughes created a series of paintings with a technique, invented by the artist himself, called ‘reverspective’ or ‘reverse perspective’. The ‘reverse perspective’ is a reversal of the general principle that the further away things are the smaller they seem. This paradoxical perspective allows us to see the pictures from different angles and different points of view; we are able to wander about the surreal spaces, and this experience provokes a response; puzzlement, a smile, whatever, we are involved with and entertained by these pictures.

Artists: Patrick Hughes

Image: The Shadow of War 1993, oil on board construction – Glasgow Museums’ collection

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