Rob Churm: Ethanol Buzzgrid

Rob Churm: Ethanol Buzzgrid
Date: 21 May – 2 August 2009
Space: Gallery 3

Rob Churm: Ethanol Buzzgrid was a solo exhibition for the artist and presented new drawings and prints made in 2009.

Graduating in Fine Art, at The Glasgow School of Art, in 2001, Churm got his inspiration from music and film. His drawings included imaginary figures and patterned objects drawn with ink and biro pen. Alongside layered drawings on paper, this exhibition presented a large wall drawing created on site at GoMA. Most of all, Churm’s work reverberates with the night atmospheres of the Glasgow bars and clubs where he plays a three stringed guitar and sings in an inimitable style for the band Park Attack. Churm includes intricately drawn posters for dates played by various local bands as part of his oeuvre.

Works from Ethanol Buzzgrid were acquired for Glasgow Museums’ collection.

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