Rule of Thumb outreach projects at GoMA

Rule of Thumb outreach projects at GoMA
Dates: 1 Feb – 19 March 2006
Spaces: Balcony 1 & 2 & the GoMA Entrance Ellipse

An exhibition of the outreach projects involved in the Rule of Thumb programme with artists: Anne Elliot, Michelle Naismith, Jan Nimmo, Aby Vullaimy, James Mclardy, Janie Nicoll, Alexander Hetherington, Janet Paisley, Belinda Guidi, Rachel Mimiec and Madeline Conn.

Participants were recruited through the following organisations – Young Women’s Project, Aberlour No 1, Meridian, 218 and Barlinnie Prison.

For more images of the exhibition visit the Flickr Album

More information about these projects, the exhibition and the Rule of Thumb: Contemporary Art and Human Rights programme can be found in the publication – available for purchase from Waterstones

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