Sanctuary: the project

Sanctuary: the project
Date: 10 April 2003 – February 2004
Space: Balconies 1 and 2

Exhibitions of work by a range of refugee and asylum seekers from groups and artists across Glasgow. All groups worked with artists selected by GoMA on different projects to create new work for the programme.

A DVD-Rom of the projects was created by Lindsay Perth

Organisations: UMOJI, Bridging the Gap, Cranhill Community Arts, LINKES, Castlemilk Youth Complex, Scottish Refugee Council Youth Project, YMCA, The Makhbuls Youth Group, Red Road Women’s Centre, Greater Govan Asylum Seekers Support Group, Tron St. Mary’s, Balornock, St. Roch’s Primary School, Royston,Home-start Glasgow South

Artists: Heather Lynch, Charlie Hackett, Guilhem Alandry, Anna Kåri, James Mclardy, Jane McInally, Calum Stirling, Lesley Ann Clark, Beth Forde, Belinda Guidi, Paula Ramdhan

Sanctuary was the first social justice programme that GoMA presented under the banner of ‘Contemporary art and human rights’. Ambitious in scale from the outset, Sanctuary marked a significant change in the GoMA programming and would influence work in the gallery beyond the social justice biennials.

There are some images from Sanctuary: Contemporary art and human rights over on flickr.

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