Saturday Art Club – A New Public Artwork for GoMA

Outside the Gallery of Modern Art sits the Duke of Wellington on his horse, a sculpture by the Italian-born French artist Carlo Marochetti, erected in 1844. This has now become an iconic Glasgow emblem especially due to the unusual addition of a traffic cone to the top of his head!

Imagine that you are an artist and have been asked to design a new public artwork to sit outside GoMA, what would you make? Have a go at doing this by making a scale model of GoMA, a plinth and your very own sculpture!


  • Recycled packaging (cereal packets) and toilet roll tubes
  • Sellotape
  • Paper
  • Tinfoil
  • Odds and ends found around this house (lego, plastecine, plastic toys, bottle tops etc)


To make GoMA open out a large cereal packet and secure with tape so it can stand up. Cut the top flap in a triangle to resemble the ‘tympanum’.

Use toilet roll tubes to recreate the columns.

Use a small cereal packet and cover with white paper to make the plinth.

Have fun with all sorts of odds and ends to create fantastic sculptures and a new public artwork to sit outside GoMA. 

Did you know?

In Trafalgar Square in London sits a plinth without a sculpture on top. The Fourth Plinth was built in 1841 and was meant to hold a statue of William IV but, due to insufficient funds, remained empty. Over 150 years later, the Fourth Plinth now hosts a series of commissioned artworks by world class artists such as David Shrigley (you can see one of his artworks in the Taste exhibition in gallery 2 at GoMA).

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