Saturday Art Club – Christmas Art Activity Packs

Look out for our new Christmas Art Activity Packs, coming soon! Following the success of our summer art activity packs, these new ones with a ‘Christmas through the ages theme’ will keep you entertained at home over the festive period. These will be available to uplift from the Gallery of Modern Art (details to follow) We wish you all a merry Christmas!

  1. A Georgian ‘Kissing Bough’

The Gallery of Modern Art was built as a Georgian mansion for the Tobacco Lord Cunninghame in the 1770s. One could imagine the interior of this grand house at Christmas time decorated with garlands of holly and mistletoe. By the late 18th century,  A Georgian kissing bough became popular, usually made from holly, ivy, mistletoe and rosemary. Make your own kissing bough for your home from card and paper.

You will need: paper plate, ribbon, 5 sheets of green card (different colours), 2 templates with leaf shapes, pencil, scissors and glue.

  1. cut out all the leaf shapes from the templates
  1. draw around each leaf shape on a different colour of green card. Use a different colour for each shape. Try to see how many leaf shapes you can get from one piece of A4 card.
  1. cut out all the leaf shapes from the green card.
  1. cut a horizontal slot at the top of the paper plate and thread ribbon through and tie securely.
  1. use glue to stick leaf shapes onto the card, stick in a circular pattern onto the plate with the largest shapes first, continue to layer the leaves until you have your kissing bough. Now you can hang it up.

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